How Great Thou Art - Ross Greer

The internet and television have given us access to many people who look for our attention and our praise. However, the Bible reminds us that we are not to have any other gods before the one true God who made heaven and earth. Ross sets out the greatness of God and why He alone is worthy of our love, worship and service. 

Coping with pressure - Kyle Boyd

Kyle spoke to us about all kinds of pressure, pressure to achieve in school, pressure to look good and pressure to live up to other people's expectations.  This was an especially apt message for those of us approaching the exam season. We looked at how the Bible says we are to deal with pressure and ultimately how we can trust in an all-powerful God.


Luke 6:48-49, Matthew 11:28-30

I AM: The Light of the World - Stephen Moffitt

In the third of our 'I AM' series we pick up on the statement of Jesus in John chapter 8 that he is the 'Light of the World'.  We'll look at what Jesus was telling us about himself and whether each one of us are walking in the light or the dark in our spiritual lives.

Flood, Fossils and Noah’s Ark

We all have questions about the flood in Genesis: did it really cover the whole world, what actually is an 'ark' and could Noah have fitted all those animals onto it? Philip came along to help explain these topics and answer our questions.

Topical Toolkit of Ethics

A unique topic calls for a unique collaboration between two very special individuals. Samuel Jackson, long-time attendee of Listooder and his close friend, Gavin Rothwell, present their 'Biblical Toolkit' for dealing with some of the hottest, most difficult and often unsettling subjects facing young Christians in school and at work in these days.

I AM: The Vine

Continuing our series on the I AM declarations of Christ, we turn our attention to John 15, where our Lord positions Himself as 'the Vine'. Timothy Nelson, joining us at Listooder for the first time, examines the significance of the statement and gets to the heart of what this means for us as believers in the One who is the great I AM.

Biblical Contentment - Matthew Cuffey

As we head closer to Christmas, where materialism is at its most noticeable, it is worth considering Paul's challenge in Philippians 4:11-12. He had learned that whatever his circumstances, whatever he had, wherever he was, he could be content in Christ. A challenging lesson, but great preparation for those times when things in our lives will not quite go according to plan.

I AM: The Bread of Life

In the first of our "I AM" meetings, David takes on Christ's declaration as the Bread of Life in John 6. This was spoken by the Lord on the day after over 5,000 had fed from His hand in the mighty miracle. There is surely so much we can learn from that great event.

Bible Investigation Workshop - Study Tips for Homiletics

As we have grown together in Listooder over many years, it has been our desire to teach Christian young people to love and study the Word of God for themselves. In this special one-off workshop, we share (in a very unique way!) some techniques for getting the most out of your Bible reading.

Practical Praise - James 2 - Jonathan Rea

Reading from James 2, but examining many other portions of Scripture, Jonathan Rea took a look at reasons why we should want to praise God. For the Christian, we have every reason to Praise Him. Yet so often we restrict our praise only to singing and to Psalms. Is that all there is to praise? Throughout the Bible we are clearly shown that both prayer and singing are vital for our praise, but as we go deeper we can see that praise to God can be demonstrated in so many other ways.

It is, in fact, accurate to say that we can praise God through every part of our lives and every aspect of our being.